Black Friday Sale - 20% Off!

November 28, 2019

Happy news!

For Black Friday, there’s 20% off the complete Stretch Mark Prevention Kit from Secret Saviours. No code needed! 

Secret Saviours Stretch Mark Prevention Kit

Yes, really. That means you can buy our award-winning 3-step system in either pink or black for just £63.99. This amazing offer of 20% off the retail price lasts until midnight on Black Friday. 

What’s in our Stretch Mark Prevention Kit?

This all-inclusive kit consists of our patented Stretch Mark Prevention Band, Day Gel and Night Cream. 

The Secret Saviours Stretch Mark Prevention Band has been developed with Dermal Support TechnologyTM to gently grip the skin. This diffuses tension across your tummy as collagen bundles in your dermis separate and your skin stretches. This action prevents micro-tears forming.  If the odd micro-tear does appear the random pattern of the pads will block its path as it tries to rip further downwards, at a right angle to the body’s natural skin lines.

Plus, the soft, breathable fabric is comfy and completely safe for you and your baby. As an added bonus, the support from the Band even eases back pain.

Pregnant woman wearing Secret Saviours stretch mark prevention band

The Day Gel helps keep the band in place, which is essential so the pads can get on with their job of gripping the skin and equalising skin tension.  And the Night Cream keeps skin soft and supple at night when the band is off. 

About Secret Saviours:

At Secret Saviours, we believe in facts, real results and 100% transparency. Our inventors spent years researching stretch marks and finding methods that would help prevent them. There really is no other product that can prevent stretch marks like ours. You can read independent reports, like the Cochrane Report, that clearly state there’s no evidence that creams and oils used alone can stop the skin tearing.

We are the only clinically proven skincare system in the world for stretch mark prevention. 

In Clinical Trials, 70% of women using the Secret Saviours 3-step system didn’t develop stretch marks. 

And an independent Consumer Trial gave an even stronger result. 82% of women didn’t get any stretch marks when using our 3-step system. 

Still not sure? Pregnant women have given us some incredible feedback which you can see for yourself by checking out the review section on our website. We’re confident that Secret Saviours will be your best insurance against pregnancy stretch marks.

Additionally, we’ve got you covered even more now we’ve introduced our buy now, pay later Klarna service. This means you can say no to stretch marks, save money, and start using our product without paying all at once.

Preventing stretch marks with Secret Saviours has never been more affordable but it won’t last for much longer. 20% off ends Friday, 29th November at 11:59 pm so hurry!


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Size Guide

To calculate the size of band that's right for you, you'll need to measure around your waist and bump across its largest point - usually at the tummy button.

Bump Size* S M L XL
80 - 100 cms
(32 - 40 inches)
100 - 120 cms
(40 - 48 inches)
120 - 140 cms
(48- 56 inches)
140+ cms
(56+ inches)

 *All bumps are different and grow at different times. You may find that you will need to go up a size as your pregnancy progresses