10 best Christmas gifts for expectant mums

December 06, 2019

Christmas is a season of good cheer, and the joy doubles for expectant mums as they eagerly wait to bring a new life into the world. If you’re not sure what to get for a pregnant friend or family member this year why not read through our list below. We’ve compiled a mix of Christmas gifts for expectant mums that we’re sure will provide a good idea for everyone.

Christmas jumper wearing pregnant woman holding bump next to Christmas tree

The best gifts for expectant mums are usually sentimental, indulging or spoiling. So, what gifts are the best to buy? We suggest you opt for something that will make pregnancy easier but don’t forget pretty items to remind her of this special time.

1. Pregnancy pillow

Pregnancy pillows are a total game-changer for expecting mothers. They're filled with beads, which allows it to adjust for unrivalled body support. They can be used in many different situations, pre and post birth, including in bed, for back support when sitting, and even for feeding the baby. The biggest advantage of pregnancy pillows is that they prevent tossing and turning. This is not only a huge help for mum, but also for anyone who shares the bed with her, too.

Pregnancy pillows come in many shapes and sizes. We recommend a firm, non-allergenic pillow that is versatile. Best of all, there are a range of different prices to suit any budget.

2. Photoshoot session

A photoshoot is not only a creative gift, but it could be something that she wouldn’t spend money on herself.

Pregnancy photos show off that gorgeous glow and allow mum to bond with her bump. It’s the perfect way to make and capture memories that last forever. If she’s already done a bump shoot, then a voucher could also be used on a newborn baby shoot, too.

If she shys away from the spotlight, you could always gift an instant camera or photo printer that connects to a phone. There’s no doubt that mum and dad will take hundreds of photos on their phones, but being able to print them out and hang them up is something special, too.

3. Leggings and other comfy clothes

    Everyone loves seeing leggings under the tree!

    They are one of the best practical gifts for expectant mums because they're more than just a fashion statement. They boost blood circulation to the legs, and are a cosy and comfy maternity option during the chilly winter months.

    pregnant woman wearing pnk top and black maternity leggings

    Kerrison Maternity Leggings from Isabella Oliver

    High-quality leggings feature a firm density technology, making them comfortable to wear. Leggings are suitable for all types of women, from the fitness buffs and the jet-setters to the full-time mum. If they suffer from varicose veins or swelling, leggings can also help.

    Make sure you buy leggings that have a soft bump panel feature to avoid squishing the baby.

    4. Fabric trainers

      Another item to add to a mum-to-be's wardrobe is fabric trainers. Support and comfortable footwear are mandatory for pregnancy, but that doesn't mean their shoes have to be boring.

      Fabric trainers are recommended by doctors because they have adequate ankle support and a good arch, both of which are effective in preventing joint aches and pains. They also offer great cushioning but are trendy, too. When buying footwear, it’s advisable to buy a size bigger because the feet swell during pregnancy.

      5. Maternity and nursing bra pack

        During pregnancy, an increase in body size will usually make a woman feel constricted and uncomfortable. A great bra pack is essential during pregnancy and breastfeeding, so opt for adjustable bras with a wire-free design. Buy nursing bras close to the due date so that you can get the correct cup shape and size.

        If this is a little too personal, you can always buy a gift voucher to their favourite store or brand. It shows you care and want them to feel comfortable, but also lets them pick out whatever they want.

        Why not try Seraphine for an extensive range of maternity and nursing bras.

        Pregnant woman wearing Seraphine Floral Satin & Lace Maternity & Nursing Bra

        Seraphine Floral Satin & Lace Maternity & Nursing Bra

        6. An elegant robe

          A gorgeous robe is a clothing item that will be worn plenty of times by a new mum. It's a wonderful gift for expectant mums as they probably won't have one, and they'll never take it off once they do.

          She'll get accustomed to it in the hospital during childbirth, and she’ll need it afterwards because of the convenience it provides. They're comfy, care-free, and an easy item of clothing to have on hand.

          7. Full body massage

            No expectant mum can pass on the opportunity for a full pregnancy massage for Christmas. She’ll cherish a full body massage, facial scrub and footbath.

            A pregnancy massage differs from a regular massage since it focuses on increasing blood circulation, relieving pain and enhancing the flexibility of skin tissues.

            Not only does it help reduce stress and anxiety, but it also is a great way for her to bond with the bump. Oh - and it gives her some time for much-deserved pampering, too.

            8. Refillable water bottle

              A pregnant woman needs to stay hydrated. Even after giving birth, a new mother must drink plenty of water to breastfeed properly. However, constantly refilling a cup can become difficult when most of her time will be taken up with her newborn. Buy a refillable water bottle with a huge capacity, such as 1 litre, so that it’s only filled once a day. Another benefit of a refillable water bottle is that she can take it with her wherever she goes.

              Why not try this 100% recyclable bottle from Naturisimo 

              pink 100% recyclable bottle from Naturisimo

              9. Stylish changing bag

                A nice changing bag is probably the most common of the gifts for expectant mums. It's one of the first items that a new mother will use, and its functionality is crucial.

                You need to choose a bag that has sufficient space for both mum and baby's things. Finding a bag with different compartments can help her stay organised, too. Mum needs space for sunglasses, toiletries, wallet and keys, while the baby needs room for bottles, nappies, wipes, toys, and extra outfits. Most of all, it's got to be durable and able to withstand the ups and downs that come with parenthood.

                If she's a stylish mum-to-be, there are plenty of places you can find beautiful, and yet practical, changing bags.

                John Lewis has a range of sleek and sophisticated bags – like this PacaPod Saunton Tan Changing Bag. But our favourite this season has to be the Jem+Bea Jemima Black Changing Bag from JoJo Maman Bebe

                Two pregnancy changing bags, PacaPod tan & Jem+Bea black

                10. Secret Saviours Stretch Mark Prevention Kit

                  Stretch marks are common during pregnancy since the skin expands as the baby grows. A staggering 8 out of 10 women will get stretch marks during their pregnancy.

                  You can help the mum-to-be to restore her glowing skin by buying the Stretch Mark Prevention Kit by Secret Saviours.

                  Secret saviours products in front a a pretty pink plant

                  It's revolutionary tech-wear and the only clinically proven system in the world able to prevent stretch marks.

                  When worn daily throughout pregnancy, the innovative Bump Band, which is accompanied by a Day Gel and Night Cream, secretly gets on with the job of preventing stretch marks, whilst mums-to-be get on with the job of growing their baby.

                  It's safe for both the mother and the baby. This is one of the most excellent gifts for expectant mums as it prevents stretch marks during pregnancy. 70% of women who used the Stretch Mark Prevention Kit during clinical trials were stretch-mark free. And this number went up to 82% in a later consumer trial, following a few minor improvements to the band.  As an added bonus, the band also provides bump support, as well as help prevent lower back pain.

                  It's the perfect gift: it's practical, it will help her feel and look her best, but might be something she hasn’t bought herself.

                  No matter what presents you get, this holiday season will be a memorable one for all the mums-to-be. This is the time to make memories! After all, it's the thought that counts.

                  For more information about how to handle the holidays while pregnant, check out our blog.


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