#RecipeSaviours: Radish, Watercress And Mozzarella Salad With Mint And Lemon

July 01, 2015

Easy, peasy, lemon-squeezy!

This blog post marks the start of something delicious. Every Wednesday, we’ll be posting a healthy, pregnant-friendly recipe to help you feel and look your best during this amazing time. 

First up is a vegetarian, gluten-free salad that’s just perfect for summer. Enjoy!

Serves: 8
Time: 40 minutes
Good for: Calcium, Fibre, Folate, Magnesium, Protein, Riboflavin


100g blanched almonds
200g radishes
220g baby leaf watercress
1 green eating apple
Juice of ½ large lemon, plus the zest of the lemon to serve
4 x 125g packs buffalo mozzarella
2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil, plus extra for drizzling
Sea salt
2 tbsp shredded mint 


• Preheat the oven to 180°C, fan 160°C, gas 4.
• Scatter the almonds on a small baking tray and toast them in the oven for 10 minutes or until lightly golden; cool, then roughly chop.
• Trim and slice the radishes and pick over the watercress, discarding any tougher stalks; put them into a large bowl.
• Shortly before serving, peel and core the apple and slice it into matchsticks, toss with a little of the lemon juice to prevent it from turning brown. Drain the mozzarella and tear it into bite-sized pieces.
• Put the 2 tablespoons of oil, the remaining lemon juice and the apple into the bowl with the watercress and radishes; season. Toss together and divide between 8 plates. Add the mozzarella and almonds and scatter with a little crushed sea salt, freshly ground pepper, the mint and lemon zest. Finally, drizzle with a little extra oil.

And that’s that! Bon apetite!

Recipe by Sarah Randell at Sainsbury’s Magazine; image courtesy of Martin Poole/Homemade

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