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Five Star Review

I was starting to get angry looking, little pink stretch marks when a friend recommended this product. I started using the entire kit and all the stretch marks I had went away. My baby is now 6 days old and I have no stretch marks and my skin is lovely and soft from using the gel and cream daily

Excellent product

Loving it so far. I'm now 27 weeks pregnant and couldn't go without my secret saviours bump band, no stretch marks so far and super soft skin. The band itself is really supportive and I feel weird if I've not got it on!! Smell is gorgeous as well.

Thank you Secret Saviours

I finally got my secret saviours bump band and gel cream pack after it being sold out and I couldn't be happier. The gels are made of great, natural ingredients and the band is so comfortable to wear and really helps support my growing bump! Only started wearing it today (at 29 weeks pregnant) but very much hoping that it leads to a stretch Mark free pregnancy

Five Stars from me!

I would like to say how amazingly surprised I was when I saw the results from using Secret Saviours. I bought the kit early on in my pregnancy and since then been totally obsessed with it. I would recommend it to everybody. I developed stretch marks in my first pregnancy, but this time I can 100% say I have not developed one single new stretch mark (all I have is my previous ones which, since using the cream, have faded even more than before I began). I'm so happy with this product that I am continuing to use the night cream and to be honest I cant live without it! Thank you secret saviours for inventing something that actually does what it says!!! 5☆