Clinical Trial

At Secret Saviours, we believe in 100% transparency. No gimmicks, no smoke and mirrors, no tricks. Just facts and real results.

That's why we make information from our trial available for you to read either on our website, or even to download and keep for yourself.

Terrie pushed her skin to the limit whilst carrying her twins but look, no stretch marks!

The clinical trial was coordinated by a US-based associate professor of surgery, liaising with a lead Consultant Obstetrician at the Instituto de Maternidad y Ginecologia in Tucuman, Argentina. Six additional Consultant Obstetricians recruited patients in to the trial, over a 16-month period, following Ethics Committee approval to commence the study.

A Consultant Dermatologist, a dermatology research fellow, a Consultant Surgeon, a surgical research fellow, a PhD scientist and a Consultant Obstetrician judged the results which were collated by an independent medical statistician.

Secret Saviours' inventor Stephen Barker said of the trial: "Using over 120 women, 60 controls and more than 60 users of our regime, we discovered that stretch marks can be prevented in 7 out of 10 women. In 2 out of 10 women stretch marks were lessened, but in 10% there were stretch marks no matter what we did."

Simply put, this means that 70% of women (66% to be precise) who use the product correctly will not get stretch marks, 20% of women will have reduced stretch marks and 10% will get stretch marks no matter what they do to try to prevent them – the problem is it’s impossible to tell if you’re one of this 10% until the end of your pregnancy.

The one thing we are certain about is that if you use Secret Saviours daily throughout your pregnancy you will double your chances of avoiding stretch marks.

Click here to read the full clinical trial.

If you have any further questions about stretch marks, please email Dr Stephen (

Size Guide

To calculate the size of band that's right for you, you'll need to measure around your waist and bump across its largest point - usually at the tummy button.

Bump Size* S M L XL
80 - 100 cms
(32 - 40 inches)
100 - 120 cms
(40 - 48 inches)
120 - 140 cms
(48- 56 inches)
140+ cms
(56+ inches)

 *All bumps are different and grow at different times. You may find that you will need to go up a size as your pregnancy progresses