The Best Anti Stretch Mark Cream

The Best Anti Stretch Mark Cream

Credit where credit's due

With some great editorial in the press (including the Daily Mail and and wonderful coverage in blogs from women who've purchased our products, we’re loving helping pregnant women around the world prevent stretch marks. 

The thing about our Anti Stretch Mark Pack that we’re most proud of is the fact that there really is nothing else currently on the market like it that works as part of a system to prevent or significantly reduce the occurrence of stretch marks. 

Secret Saviours’ Anti Stretch Mark Underwear is at its most effective when worn with a generous helping of our Day Gel, which keeps the band in place as it gently grips the skin, making it harder for stretch marks to form. 

Once you’ve removed the Anti Stretch Mark Band of an evening, you can relax and indulge in some much-deserved ‘me time’ with our moisturising Night Cream, which helps soothe your skin while keeping it smooth and supple. 

We couldn’t have developed such a perfect product without the feedback of women willing to trial the products before launch. One comment that kept recurring was how much lower-back relief and under-bump support the band offered. 

London-based Siobhan McKenna, mum of baby Oscar, told us in a candid video: “I continued wearing the Anti Stretch Mark Band as I got bigger and bigger and it really helped with back pain. It just felt like everything was held nicely in place.” 

And she didn’t even get stretch marks! 

“I’m happy to say that I didn’t have any stretch marks with Oscar, even though I had a rather large bump.”

Across the pond, Ashleigh Timchenko in Chicago trialled Secret Saviours during her first pregnancy. 

She said: “The Day Gel and Anti Stretch Mark Band kept me comfortable during the day and the Night Cream soothed my itchy skin at night.”

And after birth, Ashleigh confirmed she did not get “a single stretch mark”.  

And how can we forget Kait Kucy from Canada, who also trialled our products during her first pregnancy and it was love at first rub. 

“The Secret Saviours line of products became part of my pregnancy must-have essentials kit as soon as they arrived in my mailbox,” she revealed. 
“The Day Gel and Night Cream are fantastic moisturisers that kept my skin feeling hydrated and soft, meanwhile helping to prevent stretch marks.” 

Postpartum, Kait said: “I’m feeling great, have minimal stretch marks and am thankful for Secret Saviours for being part of my first pregnancy.” 

While Secret Saviours’ clinical trial showed that wearing the Anti Stretch Mark Band with the Day Gel and using the Night Cream are highly likely to help prevent stretch marks in 70% of pregnant women, results also revealed that 20% of women will get minimal stretch marks and 10% will get stretch marks no matter what they do. 

But one thing that remains constant is the band’s supportive quality, which can help women even after pregnancy. Siobhan continued wearing the Anti Stretch Mark Band for six weeks after she gave birth to Oscar. “My uterus is contracting really well and I wore my pre-pregnancy jeans the other day!” Congratulations, Siobhan!

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