The Best Pregnancy Announcement Ideas on Social Media

Finally revealing to your loved ones that you're expecting is one of the most exciting moments of pregnancy – sharing the joy makes it so much more of a blessing!

1. Pregnant woman and partner looking at a laptop together

And with all the social platforms at our fingertips now there are endless ways to share the news. So, whether you’re after the best pregnancy announcement ideas for Instagram or want to know how to announce your pregnancy on TikTok here are a few timeless ideas to consider.


When to share a pregnancy announcement?

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Really, it’s up to you! Maybe you will want to share the pregnancy news in stages, perhaps starting with your partner, your parents, then close friends before colleagues and others.

Usually pregnancy announcements are delivered once you reach the end of the first trimester, but some people only wait till the first ultrasound (it’s pretty amazing to share the first image of your new baby!)

But it’s whatever suits you best. Where do you want to post the news? Do you want it to be a public celebration or a more private one? Is there anyone you probably should tell first to avoid hurt feelings? Whatever you decide we’ve put together some of the most fun ways to announce your pregnancy on social media so that you don’t feel overwhelmed with the options.


Funny pregnancy announcement ideas

A funny or fun pregnancy announcement can be a great way to show both your personality and your excitement. Some amazing social media pregnancy announcements look like a dramatic movie posters. Like these ones, what a fun way to share that you’re about to enter a new chapter of your life!

Is it going to be a drama, a comedy, or even a horror? Whatever your sense of humour dictates this is a great way to get your friends excited about the news with you.

3.4 parenthood film parody


Beautiful Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Celebrating the beauty of pregnancy is such a touching way to let everyone in your life know what an amazing journey you are about to begin. Plus, you get beautiful photos to keep forever.

Some ideas that always look amazing are using classic silhouettes, or using other natural wonders to match the one you’re currently experiencing – flowers, trees, nature.. they’ll never go out of style. Here are some of our favourites, and pinterest is always a great place to look for more great pregnancy announcement ideas.

5.6.7 Three images of pregnant women


Viral pregnancy announcement video ideas

Viral videos can be a really beautiful way to give a little more info when you share your news, especially if you’re planning on making the announcement via TikTok or sending out an email.

A stop motion video of the baby bump growing is always extremely sweet, or equally, if you want to take the funny route a video surprising your partner or children with the news can make for capturing some great reactions on camera. Or – film some really personal clips of your journey; your first ultrasound, feeling the baby kick or even shopping for new baby clothes, and make a montage with your favourite music so you can make your friends and family feel like they’ve been with you every step of the journey.

Stop motion film of baby bump


Baby reveal to grandparents-to-be


Ultrasound pregnancy announcement ideas

Pregnant woman with partner showsing a baby scan

One of the simplest ways to share the news is to post that exciting first ultrasound. It means that your friends get to actually see your baby and you don’t have to put lots of work into a photo or video announcement if that isn’t really your style. You can even lay the photo out with some flowers, with some text or on a pretty background if you want a slightly more aesthetic pregnancy post in a flash, like these.

Three images of pregnancy reveals


Get the whole family involved

mum dad and son with mummys new bump

Whether your pregnancy announcement involves a partner, a sibling, or even a pet that’s about to realise they are no longer your only baby, getting the family involved for some pregnancy announcement photos can give some result hilarious results. These are some that we love:

Three more images of pregnancy reveals


The best pregnancy announcement ideas on social media

When all is said and done, this pregnancy is all about you. So don’t put too much pressure on your announcement – do whatever feels fun, and easy, and makes you more excited about things, not stressed about them!

You know your friends and family and the best way to share this wonderful news with them – just do whatever feels right. Whether it’s a cinema-worthy film or a simple written paragraph, this moment is all about you!