Our Favourite Pregnancy Related Apps

No two pregnancies are the same. Aches, pains, cravings, shape, size. Everything is different from one mother to another. So, you can imagine how many questions are asked during pregnancy. 


Although it can be incredibly overwhelming wading through all the accessible online information, it can also be a bit of a lifesaver. 


Who else is guilty of googling pregnancy questions in the middle of the night on their phones?


With that in mind we’ve decided to share with you the apps that we think are worth downloading during your pregnancy.


From saving weekly bump photos, to learning about the size of your baby, these apps can be your ‘go to place’ for all things bump to baby.


  1. Baby Centre. This app is loaded with everything from weekly information about how your baby is growing, to tools like ‘Bumpie’ - which is a place for you to store your bump shots. You can also access the Baby Centre community, where you can chat with real mums who are in similar stages of pregnancy.
  2. Bounty. This app offers plenty of daily hints and tips for your health, preparing for your baby and things you’ll need for birth and more. 
  3. What To Expect. This app is great if you want to read a daily guide about pregnancy. Some apps only offer  weekly updates, but if you want daily (or even hourly!) then this is the app for you!
  4. Sprout Pregnancy. This is an amazing app if you want to get an idea of what your baby looks like during pregnancy. You don’t only see a computer image, but a 3D one! It also offers tools like a weight tracker, kick counter and contraction timer.
  5. Skwibble. This is the perfect place to share/save bump and baby photos you don’t necessarily want on places like Facebook. “It’s the modern day version of a scrapbook”. 
  6. Baby Buddy.Endorsed by health professionals, like Department of Health and the Institute of Health Visitors, this app gives you the ability to ask questions, keep a diary and add in appointments.  You can also set yourself goals and achievements with a personal tracker to make sure you are up-to-date.


So those are some of our favourite pregnancy apps, which are great for during pregnancy and beyond. We hope you find them useful!