Could Meditation Help Your Pregnancy?

If you are finding it difficult to maintain a calm balance during your pregnancy then it may be an idea to consider meditation. 




We all know that work life can be pretty hectic, throw in pregnancy hormones and morning sickness and it can all become a bit overwhelming. Freeing up some mind-space and focusing on yourself can have a positive affect on both you and your baby.


So how can meditation help you?


There are many ways that meditation can help during pregnancy.


It helps to relax you and ease away tension. Keeping your stress levels down is important for you and your baby.


It can help you breathe through any examinations you may have.


During labour it can help take away any fear and give you a focus during contractions.


It is thought that meditation can help prevent any intervention during labour.


How do you meditate?


Find yourself a calm space, this can be at home, the local park or beach. If you have your own office make sure the seating area is clutter free. Get a yoga mat and a comfy cushion or your pregnancy pillow. If your surroundings are too buzzy then grab your phone and some headphones and find a piece of music that makes you feel calm and relaxed. 


Focus on your breathing and take some big deep breathes


Visualise your favourite place to be and all it’s sounds. For example if you love the beach imagine the sound of the waves as you breathe in and out.


Pay attention to what your body is telling you - if you feel tension in your shoulders imagine those waves washing the tension away.


We love this video which shares a guide to pregnancy meditation from Amy Maher.


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Where can I find help with how to meditate?


One of our favourite apps is Headspaceas it is really easy to use and sets up reminders throughout the day to take some time for you. You can use the website or the app, whichever is easier and you can choose to do short bursts or longer meditations (perfect for just before bedtime).


So has meditation helped you during pregnancy? We would love to hear.