Being Pregnant at Christmas - How To Survive The Festive Season

Being pregnant is wonderful, but it can be tough at times and when Christmas comes around it can feel like you're the only one feeling exhausted, unable to have a few drinks and unable to fit into your favourite Christmas jumper. 
It's far from all doom and gloom though, there are loads of ways for you to enjoy this time of year in a bump friendly fashion!
Speaking of fashion, why not start by treating yourself to a nice new Christmas outfit? It could be a fun jumper or a beautiful dress for a family party, maternity wear is certainly not dull these days. You'll definitely feel festive once you look your best and you'll have lovely photos to look back on of you and your bump looking fab
If you are going to be heading to parties then stock up on some non-alcoholic drinks that will feel like a treat without causing you unborn baby any damage. Beloit do a very tasty alcohol free mulled wine, or how about making your own festive winter warmer? There is loads of tasty inspiration on Pinterest, including this spiced mulled juice.
The cold weather and dark mornings can impact on how you're feeling and as with all through your pregnancy, it's important to keep taking your pregnancy vitamins to make sure that you're putting as much of the good stuff as possible into yours and baby's system. Vitamins don't replace healthy meals so keep eating your usual amount and remember that eating for two means eating healthily, not more than normal! 
If you're going to someone else's house for parties, meals or other get togethers then a top tip is to make sure they know what you can and can't eat when pregnant. Also make sure that there will be somewhere for you to sit and rest if you get tired and don't feel bad if you have to leave earlier than you ordinarily would. Pregnancy is tiring and pushing yourself too much just to stay at a party an extra hour or two won't do you any favours. Have fun, see people, but don't over do it and make sure you still get your rest.
Christmas is certainly a time to enjoy, so embrace it and feel happy in the knowledge that you can have a merry time, but without the not so merry hangover!