Give Morning Sickness The Heave-Ho!

Sick and tired of pregnancy? Not for long, my friend!


Pass the bucket! It’s about to get messy. Just joking! Quite the opposite, actually. We’re here to offer you some simple and effective remedies to keep that dreaded morning sickness at bay. By the way, who on earth came up with that name when it’s all bumping day and night?!

It’s an unpleasant but totally normal symptom of pregnancy and tends to clear up by weeks 16 to 20, so there is a light at the end of that particular tunnel.

If morning sickness is getting you down, you might be pleased to know it’s actually a sign that your hormone levels are high enough for the healthy development of your baby. Yay…

In the meantime, make small changes to your eating routines, like eat little and often; try eating cold meals instead of hot ones which tend to give off unsavoury smells; if you like it hot, bland foods like potatoes, dry toast and pasta might go down well – and stay down; and most importantly, sip water often rather than knocking back gallons of the stuff.

Ginger has proven popular in the fight against the irritated gut. Try this easy recipe from our blog, which we love. We’ve also written a fascinating piece about the benefits of acupuncture in fighting sickness, which you can read here.

What remedies worked for you? PLEASE share them with your fellow pregnant woman below.