Secret Saviours Testimonial: Jules’ Story

Jules went above and beyond to prove our Anti Stretch Mark Pack works

Mummy-to-be blogger Jules started her blog Pondering Parenthood while trying to conceive. And now she’s pregnant with her first child, due in June!

One of the best things about Jules’ blog is her honesty. She isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, and she does just that when it comes to the topic of stretch marks. She told her readers, “I know it might seem vain and I salute women who are proud of their post-partum bodies, but I’m worried about the aesthetic impact that pregnancy is going to have on my body, and hate the idea of stretch marks.”

And so she “jumped at the chance” to try our Anti Stretch Mark Pack. And so far, so good. She says the Day Gel smells “gorgeous”, the band “felt nice and supportive” to wear and the Night Cream “smells fabulous and feels lovely on the skin”.

While the band left little marks on her tummy from the imprint of the band (which is great, as it means it’s working!), she realised they “fade away quickly”.

22 weeks in to her pregnancy and Jules has no stretch marks! She even did something she swore she’d never do and posted a pic of her bare bump, just to show her readers that our products really do work! Gotta love that dedication.

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