What You Need To Know About Home Births

There’s no place like it

Apples or oranges? Yoga or pilates? Hospital delivery or home birth? The latter is not a choice that can be made lightly. Luckily, we’re here to help.

Did you know that in the UK, 2.4% of women give birth at home? If you absolutely can’t bear the thought of being in a hospital for 10 seconds, let alone several days, then you may want to consider looking into a home birth.

This is viable option for women with straightforward pregnancies but for those with a high-risk pregnancy or pre-existing health conditions, a midwifery unit or birth centre are the next best things. They’re usually much more homely than a hospital and are sometimes attached to a hospital, ideal should obstetric or anaesthetic care be needed.

The home birth option might not be available in your local area, so you should always ask your midwife or GP during an antenatal appointment if it’s a possibility. If so, members of your midwifery team will be on hand to support you during the birth. Ask your midwife about how to obtain a birthing pool.

Visit the Which? Birth Choice website to find out which is the best birthing option for you.

If you already know, what have you decided on and why? Let other mums-to-be know by commenting below.