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    11 Reasons Pregnancy Makes You Feel Beautiful

    • 2 min read
    You might think this is a long shot, what with the nausea and the backache – but it’s easier to believe than you think…


    Hair, glorious hair!

    Once you’re pregnant, you can enjoy beautiful locks that would make Rapunzel sick with envy. New hormones alter your hair cycle, making it fuller and longer.



    You can keep that cash you saved for an enhancement. By now you’re well on your way to the breasts you’ve always wanted.


    Perfect teeth

    But not through hormonal magic. This one’s thanks to the NHS, which entitles you to free dental care from the moment you’re pregnant until your child is a year old.


    Endless beauty sleep

    Doctor’s orders! Sleep is vital – and unavoidable – during pregnancy.


    With sleep comes sexy dreams

    You may be alarmed (and excited) to know that many women say they had vivid sexual dreams while they were pregnant.


    Hello, libido

    As well as some kinky dreams, a lot of pregnant women have also reported times where they felt like they couldn’t get enough of their partner. Have fun!


    Better living through orgasms

    Your orgasms will be better than ever! This is because of the increased blood flow to your nether regions…


    Daily massages

    Well, they’re not a compulsory health requirement given away on the NHS. But massages are widely believed to be highly beneficial for pregnancy. General studies have found they work wonders for reducing stress hormones and making you feel more relaxed.


    A full stop on periods

    For the most part, you can forget all the stress and upkeep that comes with the unwanted monthly intruder. Which means more time enjoying your newfound (or perhaps improved) gorgeousness.



    Despite all the discomfort that comes with pregnancy, you’re growing a human being! You can show off your bump with pride knowing you’re doing something pretty darn amazing – and feel beautiful doing it.


    Feeling your baby kick

    It doesn’t get more beautiful than that.


    Gifs courtesy of giphy,com.