5 Ways To Make Your Pregnancy Skin Glow

During pregnancy your body goes through so many changes and here at Secret Saviours we know only too well the effects pregnancy can have short and long term. One of our passions is that of skin care and looking after your skin during pregnancy. Your body changes so much and with some simple steps you can make sure that you and your skin maintain a healthy glow during your pregnancy and beyond.

1) This is the really obvious one. STAY HYDRATED.

You need to be drinking lots of water to keep your body and baby healthy. It can prevent urine infections, constipation and help ease morning sickness and generally keep your body working the way it should. It flushes all those toxins out that make your skin look and feel healthy too. Drink 8-12 glasses a day to ensure the maximum benefits and add a slice of lemon if you can't handle the plain taste.

2) Start a skin care routine.

There's no better time to practice your own self care than now. Invest in a decent facial and body scrub brush to gently remove those dead skin cells, then cover your body in our gentle night cream before bed. Make this a nightly routine so that it becomes a way of life.

3) Sleep!

We all need a good 6-8 hours a night and during pregnancy we do get the feeling that baby is testing us for newborn life. If you need to catch up, a lazy day in bed over the weekend won't do you any harm and can restore that glow you so wish for.

4) Practice Gentle Exercise, Yoga or Pilates

Gentle exercise gets the blood flowing around the body and will make you feel great within yourself. Try to embrace the relax and the meditation element of your practice and you will soon see a more perkier you. You can check out our pregnancy exercise videos for some gentle workouts.

5) Eat well

Remember that lean proteins such as fish, chicken and eggs are not only great for your baby's growth but brilliant for your well being and energy levels too. Foods such as blueberries, avocado and pomegranate are great for improving the skin as they are full of antioxidants. If you can't manage to eat them pack them into a smoothie.

And don’t forget you should always use the Secret Saviours system to ensure a stretch mark free pregnancy. 

Let us know if you have found any unusual tips that help give your skin a boost. We will share our favourites over on Facebook.