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    Third Trimester Myths BUSTED!

    • 2 min read
    You’re almost ready to pop, but we’re about to burst an entirely different bubble


    Having sex might hurt the little one



    Did you know that seven layers of skin protect your baby? By now, your cervix has lengthened and hardened. Nothing’s getting in there!


    Heartburn means you’re having Chewbacca



    Welllll, there have been a lot of mixed opinions on the heartburn-equals-hair theory. During the final hurdle of pregnancy, estrogen causes the esophageal sphincter to relax, causing acid to splash up into the esophagus – hence that burning heart. But a study at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore actually revealed a correlation between the severity of heartburn and the hirsuteness of a newborn…


    Pregnancy Lasts Nine Months



    Hilarious. It turns out the true length of your pregnancy can be closer to 10 months. It all depends on various factors including your age and weight, both at birth and today. So, talk amongst yourselves…


    Baby weight disappears during the delivery



    Sincere apologies, but that’s just not on the cards for us. Women only lose about 8 kilos – including the baby and some water weight – even though many gain twice that during pregnancy. Breastfeeding helps.


    ‘I’m eating for two – so I can stuff my face! Mwahahaha!’



    Wrong again. You only need about 300 extra calories a day; we’re talking the equivalent of an avocado and a banana. So drop the cake!


    You’re not allowed to fly



    Desperate to get away but heard you mustn’t? Fear not! You can fly whenever you want – for the most part. Some airlines might not let you on the plane if you look like you could pop mid-air. But just make sure you check with the airline before booking anything and carry a letter from your GP/midwife along with your medical notes.


    Walking induces labour



    It might make you feel better but there’s no evidence supporting a link between physical exercise and labour. Including sex.


    But curry works, right?



    Tastes great, but, again, no medical clout.


    A smaller baby means an easier birth



    Doubtful. Every birth is different and there is no evidence to suggest this myth is true.

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