“Get The Midwife! My Husband’s In Labour!”

That’s right. A man has experienced the pain of labour – thanks to a terrifying machine


Ultimate respect to Tom Mitchelson. Here at Secret Saviours, we don’t know many men who would do this! After witnessing his partner endure childbirth with their son Leo, now six months old, Tom decided to see if he could withstand the same pain – and found just the place to test himself.

The Birth Hotel, Amsterdam, is a private birthing centre dedicated to giving women a natural birth. Resident physiotherapist Kim, usually uses the RSQ1 machine to help athletes recover from sports injuries and build their strength. However, Tom wanted to push the machine to the limit.

The results inspire a mix of sympathy – and just a teeny bit of laughter (sorry, Tom!). Tom recalls of the pain in an article for the Mail Online, “It hits me like a train. It feels as if my stomach is being so violently compressed it’s going to come out of my back.” Yeah, we know the feeling, Tom!

Ultimately though, Tom thinks he gets what his partner went through to bring his son into the world. “This experience has made me appreciate all the more what women go through when giving birth. This was truly horrible. It was by far the most pain I have ever experienced in my life and it was only a brief window into what women go through.”

Would your guy do this for you? Do you think Tom has officially lost it or is he a sweetheart? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Images courtesy of Mail Online