Pregnancy Myths – Have You Heard The One About Beer?

Does eating a curry really bring on labour? Can holding a needle on a piece of string over your bump actually reveal the sex of your baby? Probably not, but we think these myths are pretty damn funny


Well, ladies, it turns out we've been missing a trick!

Here’s us thinking an expensive scan was the best tool to determine whether you should be buying Action Men or Barbie dolls five years from now. But all along, it could have been as simple as a piece of string and a needle. So one mum-to-be was told. 

“I have a friend whose mum is apparently a real whizz at guessing these things and she does that thing where she holds a bit of string with a needle above my belly,” said Jess, who’s 25 weeks pregnant. “She decided it was a boy.” We’ll find out soon enough.

Have you heard the one about downing a beer for a 'clean' delivery?

“My friend told me that in her country, the women drink beer. So when you give birth, the baby’s nice and clean,” said Sybil, 24 weeks. “I don’t mind doing that one – seems fun.” Let us know how that turns out, Sybil… 

Other myths we heard about include eating curry, drinking pineapple juice or having sex to induce labour (all at the same time couldn’t hurt, right?) and the number of kicks or speed of heartbeats determining the sex of the baby. 

What bizarre myths have you heard?