The Importance Of Pregnancy Exercise

More ‘sofa so good’ than ‘workout wonder’? This might make you change your tune…

If you’ve never generally been a fitness guru, you might want to have a re-think. Did you know that the more active you are during pregnancy, the easier it will be to adapt to your changing shape and weight? Plus labour is more likely to be easier, as will getting your pre-pregnancy body back.

We’d be willing to bet a lifetime supply of Anti Stretch Mark Packs that the happiest person in the world works out. This is because it has been proven that exercise boosts the brain’s good mood chemical, serotonin, which helps reduce stress, ensuring a happy mum-to-be and an even happier bump.

Exercise is also a natural energy booster as it strengthens your cardiovascular system, keeping you alert when you need to be.

Then there’s sleep. Exercise works off excess energy, which means you’ll be suitably knackered and comfortably zonked by bedtime. Sold!

Crucially, regular exercise prepares your body for the grand finale that is childbirth. We like to think of labour as a 20 mile run. You certainly wouldn’t just rock up to the London Marathon with nothing but a hope and a prayer, so why would you turn up to the delivery room unprepared?

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