Meet Natasha, Your New Personal Trainer

She’s been a fitness guru to the stars and now she’s all yours in Secret Saviours’ exclusive series of pregnancy exercise films


We’re all about body confidence at Secret Saviours and what better way to love your body (apart from our Anti Stretch Mark Pack, of course) than keeping fit? That’s why we’ve collaborated with one of the best pre-natal fitness experts to bring you an amazing series of FREE pregnancy exercise films.

Natasha Brown’s fitness career spans more than 14 years and began with teaching group exercises in Central London. Tash spent five years in sunny California where she became a sellout success and was fully booked with LA clients, from Hollywood actresses to doctors.

Tash now lives in Mersea Island, Essex, with her husband and 15-month-old daughter Catherine, with whom she had a difficult pregnancy. Fighting morning sickness every day forced Tash to research and re-think her pre-natal fitness regime. She realized that all the mums she’d previously trained were having good pregnancies, while there were thousands of pregnant women at home feeling too ill to even get in the car, let alone go to the gym!

But pregnancy and childbirth are like running a marathon. You wouldn’t think about rocking up to the London Marathon with nothing but a hope and bottle of water but no training. So why would you consider going through this potentially strenuous task without being prepared?

Tash and baby Catherine now keep fit and teach classes together on Mersea Island, including Buggy Bootcamp and Keep Fit Bumps & Babies groups.

You can rest assured that Tash knows her stuff, with accreditation as a Certified Personal Trainer, Pre/Post Natal fitness expert and Weight Loss Specialist to name a few.

So what are you waiting view all the exercise videos here