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What is Mama Me Time and Why Do I Need It?

October 29, 2016

When you fall pregnant it can feel like your body is suddenly not yours anymore. It's common for mums and mums to be to forget about themselves and absorb themselves in all things baby. At Secret Saviours ŵe want to make sure that you look after yourself as well as your children. This starts now!


What is Mama Me Time?

Mama Me Time is Time that you allocate to yourself. It is about focussing on your mental and physical health to ensure you are being looked after. Through all the stresses and strains of pregnancy and into the newborn haze of motherhood we want to encourage you to have a bit of a daily ritual where you are focussed just on yourself.

Why Do I Need Mama Me Time?

Parenthood can be super absorbing and you can often forget about yourself. Having time to look after and nourish yourself as well as your baby means you will be in the best possible place mentally and physically. We feel like we are so time poor when we become parents that more often than not we use excuses to not have time for us. Sleep is often lacking in those early days and you're on constant call. It's ok to take a breather and have 5minutes, even an hour, to yourself to do something you enjoy.

Mama Me Time is all about YOU and so we are launching some regular post to show you different ways you can look after yourself. From 5 minute fixes to spa days, there'll be something for everyone. We will be putting together some Mama Me Time posts across social media so if you want to join in use the hashtag and we will come and have a peek into how you spend your precious me time.

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