Check out our favourite tips for maximizing your maternity wardrobe and style.

August 09, 2019

You’re pregnant! Congratulations —now comes the stress of trying to work out how to carry on looking your best during the next few months. Especially when the heat is on and covering up is not an option.

There are plenty of ways you can approach this during the next few weeks of summer.  Whether you’re staying at home or jetting off for that last holiday before the birth you can look stylish by cobbling together outfits you already own or splashing out on an entirely new wardrobe.  We suggest a mix of both is the best way forward. Here are our top five tips for staying cool and looking even cooler this summer.


You may have discovered that you feel warmer than usual this summer.  That’s because you have an increased amount of blood in your body, which will often make you feel warmer than usual. Mixed with the summer heat, this could be making you feel downright toasty!  We recommend you stick to breathable fabrics which absorb and draw dampness away from your skin and then layer them up so you can adjust your own temperature no matter where you are or what the weather is like.

Linen is the best breathable summer fabric.  It repels that summer heat and can absorb up to 20% of its own weight before it feels damp, making it the perfect cooling system in pregnancy.

We love this pinstripe midi maternity and nursing dress from Seraphine.  It’s 55% linen and 45% cotton (another breathable summer fabric) so keeps you cool as well as looking stylish.  And because you can wear this when nursing your new baby at £69 this is great value too.


Elastic waistbands really are the way to go.  Whether it’s joggers, leggings, denim shorts or a flowing summer skirt, super-flexible elastic waistbands will work whatever stage of pregnancy you’re at.  You can wear the waist as usual to start off and when your bump starts to grow, let your clothes sit under your belly. Better still, that favourite pair of leggings you find yourself wearing time and time again, will work post baby too!

Check out these maternity bandia roll-hem shorts at Asos for £26, we think they’re a must-have this summer.


Loose, flowy tops will skim your frame and fit nicely over your bump. Extra points for oversized button-up shirts —they’ll be nursing friendly post-baby if that’s part of your plan.

This Isabella Oliver Georgia stone-dash-print maternity shirt (£69 at can double up as a work wear shirt or casual sling-on to go with your jeans or shorts when you go out this summer.

The American blogger and co-founder of CINCstudios, Chriselle Lim found that her pregnancy fashion go-tos were her husband’s oversized shirts. In a recent article for Glamour Chriselle has been quoted as saying “As my belly grew and my tops started to ride up, I found myself living in [his] shirts—they were comfortable, effortless, and uber chic.” If the look is good enough for Chriselle, it’s good enough for us any day of the week!


You may never want to see your maternity clothes again post baby so we suggest you search for deals via affordable brands or designer clothes on sale. This Boohoo leopard smock dress is bang on trend this summer and on sale at the mo for only £14.40.



We couldn’t make recommendations for looking chic this summer without covering off some of the fab accessories around at the moment. It’s always worth investing in non-maternity pieces that will add a punch to all of your outfits. Bold jewellery, a new summer bag, or a structured blazer style jacket in the season’s hottest colour will work well for all trimesters!

Check out this divine Tidone Cognac Leather Crossbody handbag by Lisa Biassoni, it’s reduced to £49 until Sunday and will make you feel chic wherever you go.



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