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Celebrate your pregnancy through jewellery

August 30, 2018

All skin is different and whilst most women are fine to carry on wearing their current favourite jewellery during pregnancy, others will find that their hormones have affected the way their body reacts to certain metals, making it uncomfortable to wear some of their favourite pieces. And it’s not just allergies that can affect your choice of jewellery, many women find they suffer from edema as their pregnancy progresses. If this gets severe, rings, bangles and anklets can start to fit tightly. It’s always best to remove them if you notice your hands, fingers, feet or legs swelling.

Whether you have these skin issues or not, there’s no better time to treat yourself to a few new pieces of jewellery to remind you of this special time of your life. Wear loose fitting jewellery or pieces that can be adjusted. And avoid costume jewellery that contains toxic metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury or nickel.

Win a Mexican Bola pendant from Blooming Lovely Jewellery*

We’ve spent some time picking out some of our favourite pieces.

And, thanks to the generosity of Blooming Lovely Jewellery, we’re also offering our customers the chance to win this fabulous Silver Pebble Mexican Bola Pendant. Founder, Laura, drew inspiration from the tradition of the Mexican Bola which are charm pendants, worn low resting against the bump, so baby hears the gentle ringing sound. Once born the same gentle charms will be a reassuring and familiar sound to baby, reminding them of the security of the womb. Such a simple idea, which goes back hundreds of years and yet still resonates with mums-to-be today.

For your chance to win this lovely hand-crafted Bola Pendant, like the competition post on our Facebook or Instagram page.

‘Mama to Bee” Stirling Silver pendant

Blooming Lovely Jewellery has a large range of other Bola Pendants too – we think this ‘Mama to Bee” Stirling Silver pendant, embellished with a 9ct rose gold bee charm would be hard to beat! Check out the whole range here

Baby Bean Silver Charm

Another one of our favourites is this gorgeous Baby Bean Silver Charm. It can be added to your charm bracelet or worn as a pendant. Made from solid sterling silver, it can be found here at Scarlett Jewellery.

Sterling Silver Interconnecting Circle Pendant

This beautiful sterling silver pendant features two circles that have been connected, representing you and your baby. Hanging from a pretty sterling silver chain we think this is simple yet stylish. Find it at Ava and Bea here

Fertility and Healthy Pregnancy Charm Bracelet

We love this Made for Luck jewellery, by Mizze Jewelry. The whole range has been made to bring luck to the wearer, whatever their situation. This Fertility and Healthy Pregnancy charm bracelet features a silver Solomon Seal believed to increase fertility and maintain health during pregnancy. Find it here


So ladies, come on - which one of these fab Jewellery pieces will you be getting this year?

Win a Mexican Bola pendant from Blooming Lovely Jewellery*

Just ‘like’ our post on either Facebook or Instagram page and you’ll automatically be entered into our prize draw.


Offer ends on Friday 7th September 2018  click here for terms
* kindly donated by 'Blooming Lovely Jewellery'


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