6 Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

September 29, 2015

Lights out, ladies


Those of you struggling to get your 7-8 hours of sleep a night will love this post. 

1. Get Into Bedtime Mode

For some of you, it’s not as easy as shutting your eyes and snoring. Your brain needs help to become tired. Getting into a relaxing bedtime ritual could go a long way to sending you to the Land of Nod in a timely manner. Try reading or any other low-energy activity for an hour before bedtime and away from bright lights. (This means avoiding the latest episode of Downton Abbey and your phone.) 

2. Avoid Naps

The more catnaps you have during the day, particularly in the afternoon, the more difficult it is to sleep later. Save that tiredness for the right time. 

3. Exercise!

Be it light and swift or enough to tire Andy Murray out, it all counts. Wear yourself out – for the better. (Click here to get started.) 

4. Avoid Big Dinners

Indigestion is a pain at any time of day, but it’s even worse at night. There’s nothing like the discomfort of digesting food sitting ‘right there’ when you’re trying to get some sleep – especially when you’re pregnant. So try keeping it light or making it earlier.

5. Get Comfortable

Make sure your mattress is comfy and supportive. You should usually upgrade every 10 years, so it could be time to get rid of the one you have. Alternatively, you could cheat and get a foam mattress topper. They usually go for less than £40 and are an absolute Godsend.

6. Scheduled Sleep

Try sticking to the same sleep and wakeup time, even on weekends. It will help regulate your body’s clock, ensuring you fall asleep when you need to and sleep throughout the night.

Please share your bedtime tips below.

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