Effective Stretch Mark Prevention

Finally a stretch mark prevention system that really works

Line up of 5 pregnant women using the best pregnancy stretch mark prevention system

We are confident that Secret Saviours is your best insurance against pregnancy stretch marks!  

Our inventors spent years researching how stretch marks form and finding a way to stop them. The results speak for themselves. And now there is no other product on the market that offers the same level of protection against stretch marks as Secret Saviours.

We know this because independent research (see Cochrane Report link below) has proven that creams and gels alone don't work, whereas our clinical and consumer trials have both shown a very significant increase in the number of women who avoid stretch marks if they use Secret Saviours. These findings have been independently verified and endorsed by medical experts including the American Academy of Dermatology and a group of top dermatologists lead by London based Dr Sunhil Chopra.

Clinical Trial  

In our independently run clinical trial around 70% (66% to be precise) of users didn’t get stretch marks and 20% had less severe stretch marks because they used Secret Saviours (we know this because we can compare them against the group who didn’t use our system).
You can read more about our clinical trial here.  

Consumer Trial  

We conducted our consumer trial after we’d made improvements to our Stretch Mark Prevention Band - reducing the size of the pads and increasing the quantity. The improved system was independently trialled with a group of consumers who had used Secret Saviours throughout their pregnancy and the results were astounding. Now 82% of people using Secret Saviours didn’t get stretch marks.

So you see facts are facts. Whether you want to take the clinical trial results or the consumer trial results – we know we work! And you don’t just have to take our word for it – take a look at all of our fab customer reviews.

For those of you hungry for more information you can link through to our trial reports and independent published papers below.

  • 82% of women who have used our 3-step system have entered motherhood with the same smooth, stretch mark free skin they had before pregnancy. Read more in the Survey Monkey Consumer Report.
  • We are the only product in the world that works by holding the skin on your tummy in place, dispersing stresses and strains due to your growing bump, stopping it from tearing downwards. Watch our video.
  • Our award winning 3-step system is scientifically proven to be safe for you and baby, comfy to wear and is your greatest insurance against pregnancy stretch marks. Read our Clinical Trial Report.
  • Our clinical trial has been endorsed and published in article P8097, by the respected American Academy of Dermatology in May 2014. Read the paper and view the support medical poster.
  • A team of respected dermatologists lead by Dr Sunhil Chopra has also published a poster following their independent assessment of the acceptability of our 3-step system. View the poster.
  • Creams and gels alone can only moisturise your skin – this may make it more supple as it stretches over your bump, but it won’t prevent stretch marks from forming. Read more in the Cochrane Report.

The NHS reports that around 8 out of 10 women get stretch marks in pregnancy. Read their findings here.

The independent Cochrane Report concludes that creams and gels alone won’t prevent stretch marks as they can only moisturise your skin which may make it more supple as it stretches over your bump, but it won’t prevent your skin from tearing. Read more in the Cochrane Report