My Top Pregnancy Essentials



I'd love to say that I fell pregnant and became the next Tammy Hembrow: I embraced bodycon skirts, wrap dresses and and bandeau tops, and ultimately looked better than I ever have before. Unfortunately though, that was definitely not the case. At no point did I look remotely stylish, and if I'm honest my pregnancy 'fashion' was less 'fashion' and more pyjamas, wherever possible. If your looking to this post for bump-style inspiration, your most definitely in the wrong place and I would recommend you definitely check out the Tammy Hembrows, or Sammy Maria's of the world. They may not have me ready for London Fashion Week anytime soon, but I've found a good few staples that have saw me through my pregnancy. I say staples, by staples I mean I chose 6 items and lived in them and them alone for the duration. Can it be a staple if it is literally all you wear?


1. Flannel Shirt(s)


I've now well and truly ruined the three I had already. I didn't want to buy anything new, and these were oversized and comfortable throughout, so I've all but lived in them, so I'll probably have to buy a few more following birth. These have just been so easy, and I don't know what I'd have worn if it wasn't for them. I was also lucky in that my work was casual, and so these also got me through the latter stages where I couldn't and didn't want to wear anything smarter looking. It's always good to be able to wear something that has the 'I don't care what I look like' vibe, when you actually don't care what you look like... let's just pretend it was intentional and I was just going for a 'look'.


2. Leggings

I feel like there is absolutely no point in me including these - surely it goes without saying that leggings would be a pregnancy staple? I never did bother buying maternity ones, for me they seemed overpriced when I could just size up a few in Primark classics'. This has meant that the knees are a bit saggy to say the least, but I'm not exactly caring at this point, I'd rather have saggy knees and save myself £30 pounds. I don't think anyone is judging the extremely pregnant girl for her saggy knees.


3. Oversized Jumpers


Again, I didn't actually have to buy any new ones here - perks of dressing like a boy under normal circumstances. In the early days, these managed to hide the bump I hated so very much, and in the later stages, they've sailed over the bump I've came to terms with and kept me cosy and comfortable as we get into the colder Scottish weather here. Again, like the flannels, these give that effortless look without actually making any sort of effort, which in my current state is required.


4. Leather Jacket

There's no reason for this to be a specific pregnancy staple, but if you ask anyone who's seen me in the past 6 months, they can vouch for the fact that I've not taken this off since finding out I was pregnant. This particular one is from Zara, and I probably should have bought a newer, slightly bigger one, as getting towards the end it is getting a little neat, but I love it so much that I'm not really wanting to look into any others. I think I like this because it let;s me feel a bit less pregnant, and a little more normal. It's just wearing what I'd normally wear - rather than having to modify my wardrobe.


5. Beanies + Chokers


For some reason, pregnancy took it's toll on my hair - it's been greasy pretty much from the get go, no matter how much I try and wash it. I'm so happy that it's now Autumn and I can now justify the good old wooly hat, as they've made me feel so much better in  the last stages of pregnancy. It also makes it look as though I've made any sort of effort with an outfit. When really, let's face it, I've made none at all. The same goes for the chokers - I've loved being able to chuck one on and pretend like I've tried to accessorise, there so easy, but make you feel just that little bit better.


6. Peplum Top

This has been my go-to going out top whilst pregnant - yes I've only had one.. It's safe to say I've not gotten out much. This was from Zara, and I couldn't have asked for a better summer to choose to be pregnant, just based on the style of clothes that were stocked in Zara. This top is fairly oversized, and flares out slightly towards the middle of my bump, so hides it perfectly - or at least it did. Now it's a bit of a struggle, but I'd imagine anything is going to be a struggle come 40 weeks pregnant.


It's safe to say that in my last week of my pregnancy, my wardrobe staples seem to have diminished down to an old pair of slippers and my dressing gown, but I'm not complaining in the slightest about that. I made the point of not wanting to have to buy maternity clothes - they are slightly overpriced for me, actually nom they are very overpriced for me, and I wanted to make do with what I had in my own wardrobe. I was just lucky that in general everything I wore normally was oversized and I had the option to continue to wear them. I'm not really a girl-girl as such and never have been, so dresses or skirts never had to factor in. Pregnancy style is all about what makes you feel comfortable - embrace whatever you enjoy wearing, if there is anytime where you are not judged for what you choose to wear it is when bearing children - take full advantage of this while you can!


This blog was written by Kirsty from Tracking Twenty.

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