Mums Know Best on Mother’s Day

This will be an unusual Mother’s Day for us all, but it will be especially hard for all of our pregnant customers who are not allowed out to celebrate with their family.

Mother and pregnant daughter with newly born child

It doesn’t mean that you can’t appreciate your mum from a distance though – and reflect on all of the advice she has given you during this pregnancy, whichever trimester you are in.  After all our mums know us best, plus they’ve been through it all before.

We’ve asked a few of our customers to share their mum’s top tips in the lead up to Mother's Day, so we thought we’d pass some of our favourites on to you.

Make videos and take notes

“There will be a time later when you’ll look back and hardly remember you were pregnant.  You’ll marvel that you grew this little human inside you.  Capture those feelings however you can”.

Now’s the time to make videos of yourself, take photos and start writing notes about how you feel.  This will not only help you process your emotions now, but give you something to help you remember each moment later. 

Revel in your bump

“Make the best of this time, revel in your bump.”

When your baby is awake and moving around, try putting a jelly bean or half-filled glass of water on your belly, then lean back, and watch the show. This can give you hours of entertainment and help you bond with your baby too! Don’t stress too much about setting up a nursery

“The nursery doesn’t have to be perfect, you can add to it later as your child grows.”

Setting up a nursery can be great fun and something in pregnancy that you can easily share with your partner.  But don’t go too mad, or let it overwhelm you.  All your baby will really need is a cot, basic clothes, nappies and food.  You’re bound to want to make changes once you’ve met your little one too! 

Try out some relaxation techniques

“Take the time to breath and meditate so you can be in tune with your baby and your own body.”

Pregnant woman practising yoga

There are many ways to fight off stress during pregnancy. Meditation is just one of them, but it can really help to relieve tension. It’ll help you sleep better, physically relax and help prepare your body and mind for labour. It also lowers the risk of postpartum depression and helps you connect with your constantly changing body.

Stretch before bed to alleviate night cramps

“Don’t think you have to put up with leg cramps during the night”

Pregnant woman relaxing on a bed

Regular exercise and drinking plenty of fluids to keep your muscles hydrated will really help to keep night cramps at bay.  You can also take a bath before bed to relax leg muscles and stretching before you hop into bed is a good idea too.

If you do have a cramp, put a warm towel or hot water bottle on the area – this can really help.

Be prepared to be flexible with your birth plan

‘Keep your birth plan a work in progress, you may well decide on drugs.  I did!’

Pregnant woman sat on exercise ball

Birth Plans are a great idea when used well, not just to give you some sense of control over your birth but also to give midwives, doctors and your birth partner a clear idea of what’s important to you.  However most expectant parents confuse them with a “Wish List” – after all there’s no way of knowing exactly how your birth will unfold so you can’t actually “plan” for it.  You can, however, map out what’s important to you – and make sure you’ve shared it before birth.  Consider things like how you want to keep active, delivery position, pain relief and room atmosphere – but remember to be prepared to be flexible when the time comes.

There are loads of websites offering advice on writing your plan.  We like Which as it covers off all of the important info in a clear and practical way.

Take care of your pregnant skin

“Put some effort into fighting off stretch marks, after all they’re with you for life”

Pink pregnancy Stretch Mark prevention band worn by pregnant woman

We’ve got just the answer to that!  Secret Saviours is every women’s best insurance against those permanent scars.  Our mothers weren’t lucky enough to have our product when they were pregnant – medical scientists only invented Secret Saviours clever technology a few years ago. Our 3-step system is a game changer in stretch mark prevention – with a success rate of 82%, recommending this has got to be the best advice any mother can give her daughter.

Black pregnancy Stretch Mark Prevention Band Kit worn by pregnant woman

Happy Mother’s Day all.