Making the Best of a Pregnant Christmas


1 Pregnant mum-to-be with Santa hat and red jumper exposing baby bump

This Christmas is going to be pretty different for all of us, but we know it’ll be especially tricky when you’re pregnant and were hoping to meet up with friends and family to celebrate your growing bump.

Well, we’re not going to underplay your disappointment, but we are going to show you that every cloud has a silver lining and we’re here to help you find it, so you can still have a fun pregnant Christmas this year.

If you want ideas on enjoyable, pregnancy-safe, things you can be doing at home over the festive season, then read on! 

Let’s look on the bright side of life!

  • Having less people round for Christmas dinner means less food shopping, less cooking and not having to cater to everyone’s tastes – so you can just conjure up whatever you’re really craving right now and, better still, avoid any of those food aversions that have been driving you nuts recently!
  • Having less people at the house for the holiday period also means you don’t have to stress about family politics, or the efforts of hosting while you’re pregnant – you can just relax!
  • There’s no need to don a mask and head out to do all that pregnant Christmas shopping for hours on end, lugging around huge shopping bags and staying up all night wrapping everything – you can just buy gifts online and post them directly to your friends! So much easier!
  • If you’re feeling tired on the big day you don’t even have to take your pyjamas off this year. If you were planning on having everyone round or going to a friend’s or family member’s house, then why not celebrate the fact that you won’t have to spend all day in uncomfortable heels after all. You can have the perfect, laid-back and cosy pregnant Christmas with your household, or on your own if needs be – there’ll be plenty of time for other family and friends after the new baby arrives.

    2 Pregnant woman lying on a bed hugging her baby bump
  • On the other hand, if you do feel like wearing your most extravagant outfit now is the time! No need to worry about the practicality of that little dress, if you’re wearing it at home, for your own enjoyment. Why not read style guru Bethanie Lunn’s advice on how to dress in each trimester in our previous blog. With all the spare time you will have on your hands this year, you can pamper yourself a full, make-over too - mani-pedi included.
  • Since expecting mothers need to avoid drinking alcohol many women find that they become the designated driver over Christmas, taxi-ing friends from pub to pub, but lucky you – it looks like you’ve gotten away with it this year!

So, what fun pregnancy-safe Christmas things can you do this year?

3 woman wearing seraphine cocktail dressCocktail dress by Seraphine

Another perfect excuse to get your glad-rags on is a virtual cocktail party (or mocktail party!) There haven’t been many chances to get dressed up, snack on canapes and drink fancy drinks for a while, so why not make the most of this seasonal opportunity from the comfort of your own home.

We even have a few Christmas drinks ideas for pregnant ladies that we just know will get you in the festive spirit.

  • the most extravagant hot chocolate ever with heaps of decoration on top.
  • Non-alcoholic mulled wine easily made with a non-alcoholic wine and a mix of pomegranate juice, blackberries and spices, this BBC recipe is the real deal.
  • warm apple punch made by heating cinnamon, juniper berries, an orange and apple juice in a pan before drinking (you can even stir in a scoop of vanilla ice-cream for a foamy froth on top!)
  • And why not try some other mocktails from out past blog too!

Virtual drinks aren’t the only way to celebrate your long-distance pregnant Christmas.

Why not try a zoom charades championship or a Christmas quiz night over skype.

You could even do a long-distance secret Santa or baby shower with your closest friends and open up your mystery gifts together over a call.

Look on the bright side - the ease of a video call actually makes it easier to get everyone important together in one ‘room’.

4 pregnant couple sat by a Christmas tree looking at a laptop

As for non-virtual activities to keep you and your household busy - well the list is endless!

  • A Christmas present hunt around the house or garden.
  • A day full of parlour games and board games together.

    5 Pregnant Mummy playing board games with her daughter
  • Watching a favourite Christmas movie together (did we mention this year’s smaller Christmas will also mean less fighting over the remote?)
  • Spending quality time baking as a household, and passing down family recipes.
  • Taking the time to actually get a GOOD family photo this year.
  • Creating fun care packages for local friends and dropping them off during the day to give loved ones an extra surprise.
  • Having a brisk walk through the wintery countryside, or eerily silent city for a moment of peace.

    6 Pregnant lady out for a walk in the countryside

  • You could even get the whole household together on the phone every morning to call a different relative each day (we know how hard it is to keep kids' attention focused on a long, whole family, call - lots of little ones might work much better this year)

We haven’t quite finished – here are a few more tips and ideas we’ve gathered up, just to make your pregnant Christmas as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

  • be sure to drink plenty of water.
  • if you’re suffering from indigestion then eating little and often may be better than one big dinner.
  • take time to do a little exercise if you can (great for your body and mind!). Why not try out our trimester specific workouts with pregnancy exercise expert Tash.
  • enjoy something you don’t normally have time to do – or know you won’t, once the baby arrives! Re-read a favourite book or binge that series you’ve been meaning to watch for months.

As you can see there are plenty of ways to see the positive side of our unusual Christmas this year, even if you are pregnant and disappointed not to be seeing family and friends!  

It’s the perfect opportunity to make the most of your time with your existing family before the new baby comes along, and to enjoy relaxing, looking after yourself (and sleeping) before things get busy again.

This year’s pregnant Christmas can be all about peace, quiet, routine and letting other people look after you!