Just because you’ll be going through a range of emotions in your pregnancy, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put happiness at the top of the must-have list! There is lots of evidence that being happy in pregnancy has many benefits for you and your baby. It’s beneficial for your health because it’s proven that positive emotions and reduced stress levels can reduce pregnancy complications.

Pregnant mum to be holding baby bump

A happy pregnancy can have a direct impact on fetal development too, helping to prevent premature birth and low birth weight. Being happy and relaxed in pregnancy means you are more likely to bond with your baby, creating a healthy emotional connection that will continue after birth. And when you’re happy you’re much more likely to look after yourself too!

So you see, being a happy mum-to-be is being a healthier mum-to-be. And if you’re happy, your baby will be too. There are lots of ways you can lift your mood and enjoy your pregnancy – here are just a few:

Plan your labour

We’re not advising you to fixate on your labour, but being prepared can relieve anxiety. Knowing what to expect, and making a plan in advance, will give you more control and definitely leave you feeling happier.

You may decide to look for additional support to help you through labour.  Doulas can be a great support for the whole family and many women have a more positive experience of pregnancy, birth and the first few weeks of motherhood, with their help. You can find a doula near you here.

Engage in mindfulness and relaxation

Relaxation and mindfulness can reduce anxiety and lift your mood. Meditation in particular can improve sleep, enhance self-awareness, and encourage a more positive outlook on life, leaving you feeling happier and healthier in pregnancy.

Stay connected

There is medical evidence that supportive relationships have a significant impact on happiness in pregnancy. Spending quality time with friends and family can really boost your happiness. What better time to build new relationships than in pregnancy? This is the perfect moment to connect with other mums-to-be who are going through the same pregnancy journey as you are. And sharing worries you may have about your upcoming birth and parenthood, with someone who really gets you, can be a real comfort.

Keep Active

Mum with baby bump sat on a yoga ball

Regular physical activity has been proven to boost your mood and energy levels, as well as reduce anxiety and feelings of depression. It is well known that exercise increases the amount of endorphins the body produces which leaves you feeling happier, so whether it’s regular light activity like walking, prenatal yoga and swimming, or a proper pregnancy workout, you’ll feel happier in pregnancy if you keep yourself moving!

Eat a balanced diet

Pregnant woman eating healty food in a kitchen

Everyone knows there are benefits to eating healthy, including weight control and increased immunity, but it can be hard to introduce changes to your diet, especially in pregnancy. The good news is eating healthily doesn’t have to mean cutting out all of your favourites, instead try to introduce new foods and rebalance the amounts of different foods you eat so your diet is varied. Eating the right foods will not only make you and baby healthier but you’ll find it lifts your mood, making pregnancy a much happier experience!

Rest and Sleep

Make sure you get plenty of rest. Listen to your body and take naps if you need to. It’s especially important to get the right amount of sleep when you’re pregnant – the recommended amount is between 8-10 hours a night. Not only will it keep your immune system healthy, allow your blood vessels to restore themselves and control your insulin levels, but enough sleep will regulate your emotions and leave you feeling much happier and able to enjoy your pregnancy journey. We’ve listed a few great tips for getting those much needed zzz’s here.

Keep yourself entertained

Listening to your favourite music, reading uplifting books and watching feel-good movies can take your mind off pregnancy worries, leaving you relaxed and happy. And it’s never too early to start pulling together your birthing playlist. Scientists now know that music in labour can decrease stress hormones, pain and the need for pain relief, as well as stabilise vital signs, so not only will picking out your favourite tunes leave you feeling happier, but you know it will benefit you and baby in labour too.

Pamper yourself

Treat yourself to a prenatal massage, a warm bath or a spa-day with friends. Relaxing and unwinding from the usual stresses of life can really lift your mood and leave you feeling happy and in control of your pregnancy. Or why not try one of the many safe complimentary therapies available for pregnant women. Not only do they make you feel good,  but they can help ease many pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, lower back pain, stress or trouble sleeping.

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So you see, there is an endless list of easy lifestyle changes you can make to keep you feeling happy in pregnancy. Lifting your mood, reducing your stress and finding ways to overcome pregnancy worries all help keep you and baby happy and healthy. And if one of those worries is stretch marks in pregnancy – stress not, we have the best solution possible. Our 3-step skincare system is proven to prevent those pesky scars and with an 82% success rate will leave you feeling in control of your body now and in the future.