Eating Chocolate – It Will Make Your Baby Laugh More!

Chocolate will make your baby laugh more

It’s official! According to a study in Sweden eating chocolate in pregnancy makes babies smile and laugh more!  

The same study found that chocolate-munching-mamas didn’t pass on stress to their babies in the womb as much as their non-chocolate-eating counterparts.

And, guess what, eaten in moderation, chocolate could reduce the risk of pre-eclampsia too!

Packed with Antioxidants- to help eliminate free radicals in your body, Magnesiumbelieved to help prevent pre-eclampsia and morning sickness, Resveratrol – believed to protect the brain and nervous systems as well as prolong life, chocolate is also an anti-inflammatory which can reduce the risk of stroke.


Melted Chocolate - Chocolate will make your baby laugh more

Eat-in Moderation

It goes without saying that you need to indulge in your favourite melt-in-your-mouth chocolate in moderation though.  You’ve got to fight the urge to immerse yourself in all that creamy deliciousness and keep an eye on your caffeine, sugar and calorie intake.  The NHS recommend you eat no more than 200mg of caffeine a day. Excessive caffeine in pregnancy can result in babies with low birth weight and in extreme cases too much caffeine can cause miscarriage.


Chocolate will make your baby laugh more


Helpful Pregnancy Caffeine Chart:

Have a quick look at our chart below – it’ll help you keep tabs on your caffeine intake:



50g bar of plain (dark) chocolate

Around 50mg

50g bar of milk chocolate

Around 25mg

White chocolate

Contains no caffeine at all

So now you know, in moderation, chocolate is a must-have in pregnancy why not celebrate International Chocolate Day with some of that smooth, slightly bitter but perfectly sweet chocolate right now. We know we’re about to!

Let's celebrate with (some) chocolate.  


Happy International Chocolate Day Everyone!