Secret Saviours Testimonial: Kait’s Story

Read what a mum-to-be in Canada had to say about using Secret Saviours

A large part of the success of Secret Saviours was thanks to women who agreed to trial the Support Band, Day Gel and Night Cream during their pregnancies.

One such woman was Kait Kucy in Calgary, Canada, who used Secret Saviours during her first pregnancy. Kait quickly fell in love with our products (frankly, who wouldn’t?) and had nothing but nice things to say about her experience.

“The Secret Saviours line of products became part of my pregnancy must-have essentials kit as soon as they arrived in my mailbox,” she revealed.

“The Day Gel and Night Cream are fantastic moisturisers that kept my skin feeling hydrated and soft, meanwhile helping to prevent stretch marks.

“The Support Band not only used a cool pad technology combined with the Day Gel to help with my skin stretching but it also helped with my back pain as my tummy grew.”

‘But did it help prevent stretch marks?’ we hear you ask?

“One month postpartum, I’m feeling great, have minimal stretch marks and am thankful for Secret Saviours for being part of my first pregnancy.”

Kait, you are most welcome!

Click here to check out Kait’s fabulous website.