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A genuine saviour!

I have lots of stretch marks from growing as a teenager and my mum got them in pregnancy, so I fully expected to gain some on my tummy. I ate whatever i wanted throughout pregnancy but the secret saviours band, along with swimming and lots of walking, kept me stretch mark-free. Worth every penny!

Not a stretch mark in sight

Initially I was sceptical about the reviews of secret saviours stretch mark prevention kit and worried that my pregnancy hormones were making me more susceptible to facebook advertising. I wore the band from 20 weeks and bought one in pink and one in black so that I could wash one and wear one. Well, my little one was born 9 days ago at 38 weeks and there is not a stretch mark in sight! All my family have stretch marks from pregnancy and I have some on my hips from puberty so I thought I was destined to have them no matter what. I also thought it made a nice, gentle support for my diastasis recti. The band is comfy and luxurious to wear and feels like a nice part of a self-care routine. The creams smell really really good. I got my partner to apply the night creme and it was a lovely bonding experience for the three of us. I recommend this to my friends and would definitely wear in subsequent pregnancies. Thank you!

Second pregnancy, no stretch marks

When I was pregnant with my first child I remember being concerned about stretch marks having got them on my inner thighs when I was growing up. At my 20 week scan my mum noticed an ad for Secret Saviours at the hospital and so I gave it a try. I was impressed! Spa level products which smell divine and no stretch marks once my baby was born. I am now 33 weeks pregnant with my second baby and still no stretch marks to be seen. As an added extra the band gives good support which I have found very helpful when chasing after and active 2 year old. Well done Secret Saviours, a product that can be trusted to deliver and I will rely on for any future pregnancies.

Definitely recommend it to everyone 

Thank you secret saviours❤️ My due date is tomorrow and I have no stretch marks at all. 😊 I used this band since I was 20 weeks pregnant which was greatly supporting my bump and my back. I bought two sizes one small and then a medium. This band really does the miracle as Everyone in my family have stretch marks due to their pregnancy and I am the only survivor with absolutely no stretch marks😊🎉 i would definitely recommend this product to anyone with the stress of getting stretch marks during their pregnancy. It definitely worth the price 👍🏻