Is It Safe To Use Hair Dye While Pregnant?

We answer this hair-raising question

Pregnancy is all well and good, but it’s nice to hold on to who you are to avoid feeling like a walking incubator. That’s why being able to maintain your beauty regime can be so precious during this time as it’s the one thing you can (just about) keep control of.

But when it comes to hair, there’s some confusion around the safety of using hair dye during pregnancy. So is it safe?

The simple answer is, yes – depending on what stage of pregnancy you’re in, the strength of the dye, how much dye you require (full head or just highlights). The chemicals in dyes are absorbed by the hair, as opposed to the scalp or bloodstream. But based on some studies, high doses of these chemicals can cause harm. But the concentration of chemicals used in this research is much higher than found in normal use.

Most women tend to wait until they are 12 weeks pregnant before getting to the root of the matter, when the risk of chemicals harming the baby is much lower. Highlighting your hair is also a slightly safer option. Henna is a popular option during pregnancy as it is semi-permanent and pure vegetable-based. But keep in mind that pregnancy can affect the condition of your hair, making it react differently to colouring.

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