Bump Photo Shoot

Bump Photo Shoot

What better way to mark this momentous occasion in your life than to capture it in perfect print?

As well as giving you the perfect excuse to indulge in your favourite foods – excessively – pregnancy is a great opportunity to get dolled up and ready for your close-up. 

Since Demi Moore’s iconic Vanity Fair magazine cover in 1991, where she posed nude while seven months pregnant with her daughter Scout, pregnant women have been embracing their bumps like never before. And so they should!

There are some beautiful options out there to make your pregnancy photo shoot a moment you’ll look back on with pride. And your child will reckon it’s pretty cool, too.

Professional shoots are a lot cheaper than you might expect. Prices can range anywhere from £20 to £650 and even less if on offer, which they often are. (Click here for a great deal from Virgin.) The lower price point usually covers dry hairstyling, professional makeup and either a print of your no-doubt stunning picture or a digital version. In some cases, both. Of course, the more you pay, the more you get, and for £650, you’re likely to walk away with up to 50 retouched digital images.

And if you want to pay homage to Demi Moore in your shoot with a flawless bump, use our Anti Stretch Mark Pack. It includes a super comfy and protective Anti Stretch Mark Bandwhich, when worn with our moisturising Day Gel, could give you a 70% chance of NOT getting any stretch marks. You can also luxuriate in our lush Night Cream before bedtime to keep your bump feeling smooth and supple.