Your 12 week scan - what to expect

FINALLY! Your 12 Week Pregnancy Scan!

Here are some fab reasons you should look forward to your 12 week pregnancy scan

We know, you’re so excited – maybe even a bit nervous – you can barely contain yourself! You’re about to take a front row seat to the best show in the world: a pregnancy scan of your child.

But rather than be sick with nerves (which is probably actually the morning sickness, but we’ll get to that another day), here’s why you should be excited about this particular blockbuster.

For one, you’ll finally (FINALLY!!!) be able to abandon the charade that is Apple Juice Masquerading As White Wine. AT LAST, you can tell your nearest, dearest and nosiest that you are having a baby! Oh, the relief of no longer having to hide your bump with ‘comfy clothes’ (AKA, lies)!

But best of all, you’ll get to see your little one for the first time. You may even see their teeny, tiny heart beating. And it will certainly help put things into perspective for you.

Now’s the time to really take care of yourself. No, really take care of yourself. Because, in doing so, you’re also taking care of your baby.

We can think of a great way to start. You can protect your bump – inside and out – by simply luxuriating with some gorgeous new products from Secret Saviours while protecting your skin from stretch marks! With a protective Anti Stretch Mark Band, worn with a soothing Day Gel and a lush Night Cream, you and baby will be so Zen, you could probably teach a yoga class!