What To Expect: Booking In With A Midwife

Have you just found out you are expecting? Congratulations! Here at Secret Saviours we want to make the whole pregnancy process as easy as possible for you so first off we thought that you would like to know a little bit about what to expect when booking in with a midwife.

Once you have confirmed your pregnancy with your doctor you'll be referred to your local midwifery team for a pre booking appointment. This happens between 7 and 9 weeks of pregnancy. The midwife will explain all the processes you need to go through next, she will start your maternity notes and then you'll probably be sent  a lot of homework ready for your next appointment at 10 weeks.

You may be offered an early pregnancy scan if you are not too sure about your dates but mostly it is all about the pregnancy paperwork and you will have to fill this in ready for your next appointment. It's a good idea for you to sit down with your partner and go through them together.

The first appointment can feel pretty basic and daunting at the time but it is essential that you make sure you have all the questions buzzing in your head ready. It is really important to build that rapport with your midwife early on as they will be your cheerleader and best advocate during your pregnancy. 

What questions did you take to your first midwife appointment? What stage of pregnancy did you first meet your local midwife team?


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