Want Prettier Maternity Bras? Look No Further....

One of the first things you need to shop for when you discover you are pregnant (before you start looking at prams and adorable baby clothes!) is maternity underwear. It may not sound very exciting but investing in a proper maternity bra as soon as possible will be crucial to your comfort over the coming weeks and months. But fear not! Modern pregnancy smalls are a world away from the decidedly unglamorous garments you might be imagining. 

Here are some tips to bear in mind when shopping for these important items.

Get fitted

Your boobs will quite quickly grow in size early on in pregnancy, and you may well need to wear a different size bra to that which you normally do. You may even need to change sizes as the pregnancy progresses, and maybe again once baby is born. The best way to ensure you are always well supported and comfortable is to be professionally measured before you buy anything. Most high street lingerie retailers offer a bra fitting service if you want to check your size.

Feel special

At a time when you may feel as though you no longer recognise your own body, it can be nice to treat yourself to some pretty underwear that feels lovely to wear. There is a huge range of styles and designs to choose from, from your basic everyday t-shirt bra you feel most comfortable in, to the most gorgeous lace cups with satiny straps to unleash your inner goddess. Buy a set with matching or coordinating knickers to fit your changing figure and feel fabulous.

Be prepared

If you are planning to breastfeed, you can get a maternity and nursing bra in one, with extra support and detachable cups for easy feeding once baby arrives. This can save you a bit of money on separate maternity and nursing bras.

Stay comfortable

‘Underwear’ doesn’t just consist of bra and pants – be comfortable through the night too by investing in some maternity nightwear to give you support while in bed. You may find that your breasts feel too tender to go without a bra, in which case you can wear a soft one to sleep in, or buy some maternity pyjamas with a vest top with inbuilt support. 

Where to buy

High street retailers like M&S, Debenhams and Mothercare carry a good range of maternity lingerie, or you can check out these online stores for a wider choice, including nursing and sleepwear.

Hot Milk https://uk.hotmilklingerie.com/ 

Figleaves http://www.figleaves.com/uk/maternity/lingerie/ 

Seraphine http://www.seraphine.com/maternity-clothes/lingerie.html 

Cake Maternity http://uk.cakematernity.com/ 

From Here To Maternity https://fromheretomaternity.co.uk/ 

Mumty Bumpty http://www.mumtybumpty.com/ 


Of course our bump bands are made in classic colours that you can match or clash with your new underwear set. Where have you found the best maternity underwear?