Don't Forget to Enjoy Being Pregnant

For some of us, pregnancy can feel like a bit of a chore, instead of an exciting time counting down to our new arrival. It can be plagued with uncertainty, worry and illness. Unfortunately, this was often the case for me.


During both of my pregnancies, I faced it all. Having suffered miscarriages prior to each of them, I panicked at every twinge. Furthermore my hips, back and pelvis caused me no end of issues; I bled (all too regularly); and both my girls had me make trips into hospital on more than one occasion because of reduced foetal movements.


So I think you'll forgive me for forgetting - on occasion - to enjoy being pregnant. I am sure that I am not alone in this. There are many of us who face unthinkable challenges in our journey to have children. Every mother has a story. I know you will have yours!


My advice to you, however, is to make sure you take moment to stop, take a breath and appreciate all the reasons why pregnancy is amazing. I wish I had done so more often, because there are so many!


Start off by remembering that pregnancy is nothing short of a miracle. The fact that women's bodies are able to create, grow and carry a mini human is incredible. Enjoy the knowledge that whatever so called side effects we may have to endure, it will all worth it in the end.


Hold on to the moments spent watching your tiny person on the screen of the prenatal scans; for they are the first photos of your baby. Enjoy the fact that we are lucky enough to have the technological capability to create these precious reminders of pregnancy.


When the midwife places the dopler to your bump, close your eyes and memorise the sound of your baby's heartbeat. Enjoy hearing those tiny thuds, which are a reminder of the extraordinary feat that your body is undertaking.

Sharing your pregnancy with your loved ones, is an amazing way to keep yourself grounded, and to remind you that your pregnancy is a good, happy thing. Enjoy the moments when you see the smile on your partner's face as they look at your blossoming baby bump. Seize the moments when excitement glistens in the eyes of your other child or children.


Another way to ensure you enjoy your pregnancy is to make a record of the memories of your changing body. Capture your blooming bump that - during the later months of your pregnancy - seems to take over. Embrace the way your body adapts to nurture your baby; and take plenty of photos as it transforms into the perfect home for your growing child. 


The final - and most important - reason to enjoy being pregnant is because before you know it, your bump will be gone; and you will have a baby in your arms instead. Then begins a whole different adventure - parenthood!


Naomi blogs over at Me Becoming Mum (, where she likes to write honest posts, keeping it real about the truths and realities of pregnancy and parenthood.