Are you addicted to Sugar?

Suger cubes

It’s National Sugar Awareness Week and the dangers of excessive sugar consumption are being shouted about from the rooftops.

We all know too much sugar is not good for us at any time of our lives, but during pregnancy, it’s especially important to avoid excess sugar in your diet. Overindulgence can contribute to gestational diabetes, the development of a fatty liver, increase the risk of pre-eclampsia or a pre-term baby and, of course, lead to higher pregnancy weight gain.

Gentle exercise increased fibre and water in your diet, controlled carbs and smaller portions all lower your blood sugar levels naturally, however making sure you don’t eat more than the equivalent of 7 sugar cubes a day is the best way to control your blood sugar levels. 

Sugar Free Recipes:

We’ve found loads of recipes to stave off the hunger whilst keep you healthy and sugar free, Why not check Davina McCall’s new sugar free recipe book ‘How to be Sugar Free’ 

It’s often those between-meal-snacks that push up sugar levels, however. Until recently it’s been hard to find, yummy sugar free nibbles, packed with healthy nutrients for mums-to-be.

The Pregnancy Food Company has changed all that. Started in a tiny kitchen in Dorset, the founder Laura-Jane made it her mission to create honest, organic, nutritious and tasteful snacks for pregnant women. Our faves are the Nourish Balls – they’re simply divine – pregnant or not!


If you have a favourite healthy sugar free recipe please share it in the comments below.