Secret Saviours Testimonial: Bethanie’s Story

Not to brag, but we’re Bethanie’s favourite


“Clever.” “Wonder product.” “Luxurious.” These are just some of the words mummy blogger Bethanie Lunn used in her gorgeous blog to describe Secret Saviours.

We’ve made the top of Bethanie’s “Janurary Favourites” list – and we’re loving it! She told her followers, “The band made me feel held together and supported my lower back and under-bump as promised.”

Bethanie added, “By the end of the day, the skin on my bump still felt nourished and soft. I might just lather it all over me. The Night Cream is much the same but a richer, luxurious cream as opposed to a light gel, which creates a pampered feeling.”

And more importantly, Bethanie is happy to report she has “no stretch marks”! We aim to please, Bethanie.

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