Secret Saviours Testimonial: Shareene's Story

In a change of style from our previous testimonials, trainee midwife Shareene does the talking in this post

As midwives, we observe stretch marks on a regular basis and consider them as a normal part of pregnancy which we would hope would be embraced. It is however appreciated that for some women this issue is viewed in a negative light. It can have a huge impact on self confidence and self esteem. This can be a significant worry for some women during pregnancy with the added concerns of how it will affect intimacy post-birth. Now it seems they don't have to! 

Prior to this invention, I had the perception that stretch marks were not preventable. However, a study has suggested a significant reduction in the prevention of stretch marks using this product.

My First Impressions

The packaging is fun, bold, eye-catching, easy to read, made simple and straight to the point.

The Support Band

This is the magic of the product and what makes it completely different to others. It has a futuristic appearance with shiny pebble shapes on the inside of the band. The outside has imprints of the pebble shapes. The band has a dual purpose: firstly, it supports the back and pelvis, helping to ease discomfort (excluding any underlying medical conditions). Secondly, it aids in preventing stretch marks. It is made up of smooth elasticated material that stretches to accommodate baby bump comfortably. It is available in two colours: pale pink and black. The label writing inside helps to show which way up to wear it!

The Day Gel

This is a transparent liquid which is cooling and refreshing, has a slight lavender aroma to it and is easy to apply. It is a gel with a thin watery consistency which gives the band a good grip on the skin and prevents any movement or friction. 

The Night Cream

The cream has a nice calming scent that remains fragrant for hours, leaving skin feeling lovely and moisturised throughout the night. It's comfortable to wear and unnoticeable once on. 

My clients have preferred to use the creams up until about 20-24 weeks, then add the use of the band for the remainder of the pregnancy. However, the inventors do recommend that it is worn from 14 weeks until the very day you give birth!

The Verdict

This is definitely something I would recommend to women who would like to lower their chances of getting stretch marks. Looking forward to seeing the real world results!