6 Pregnancy Brain Training Tips

Say ‘no!’ to baby brain!


Busy? Stressed? Sleep deprived? It’s enough to make anyone forgetful, whether you’re pregnant or not!

There’s up to “40 times more progesterone and oestrogen” running around your brain during pregnancy, according to the University of California’s Louann Brizendine, MD. “These hormones affect all kinds of neurons in the brain,” she says. This can affect spatial memory in pregnant women, including recalling where things are.

Pregnancy also has a unique way of shifting your priorities, making other tasks and must-dos spill out of your now full memory cup.

But if this is something you’re really struggling with, you’ll be pleased to know there are things you can do to help!

1. Make A List – Check It Twice



If things need to get done, write them down and check them off, one task at a time.


2. Get Organised


    Try using your phone’s calendar to set reminders for appointments and meetings.


    3. Keep Things In The Same Place


      This includes keys, your phone, credits cards, cash, biscuits…


      4. Prioritise


        Do you really need to decorate the spare bedroom right now? Or should you be jotting down questions to ask your midwife at your next appointment? Check out that list again.


        5. Clear Your Mind


          Sometimes, you just need time to yourself. Go for a walk, read a great book. You could even try meditating! We’re loving this Headspace app, with guided meditation sessions to help you relax and focus.


          6. Sleep More



            We totally understand this is often easier said than done. But try grabbing any little bit of sleep you can. Even the quickest naps can make the world of difference.

            What pregnancy brain tips have worked for you? Please share below!

            Gifs courtesy of Giphy.com