9 Pregnancy Reasons To Be Cheerful! Part 2

 Continuing on fromlast week’s list, here are more amazing pregnancy perks

10. Massages are vital


There may be a dearth of hard evidence supporting this, but it is still widely believed to behighly beneficial for pregnancy. However, studies have found they work wonders for reducing stress hormones and making you feel more relaxed. We’re sold.


11. Leggings are the new black


Rather than being reserved for the gym, the most comfortable bottoms in the world are now an acceptable part of your daily wardrobe. Go forth and be stylishly comfy!


12. ‘You can’t touch this’ (cat litter)



Your whiskered chum’s little gifts contain a parasite affectionately named toxoplasma, which can give you an infection called toxoplasmosis. So you can take a cat crap nap for the foreseeable.


13. Every day’s a great hair day!


Thanks to new hormones inherited through pregnancy, your hair cycle changes, making it fuller and longer! Suddenly Cheryl Fernandez-Versini won’t be the only one who’s worth it…


14. Breasts, glorious breasts!



If you’re an A-cup with DD-dreams, now’s your time! Wendy Williams, eat your heart out!


15. Let it all hang out!



Well, not literally, of course. But your pregnancy means you no longer have to suck in your stomach after a mammoth sandwich! Now, you can relax, breath and luxuriate in the extra padding – hiding behind baby.


16. No more small talk



You can remove yourself from the most boring situations because now you have the perfect excuse. Just say, “Must dash – morning sickness,” and off you go! Genius.


17. Sweet dreams…



Many women have reported vivid sexual dreams during their pregnancies. The professionals reckon our dreams are not necessarily more unusual when we’re pregnant, but the increase in being awoken mid-dream by various ailments (full bladder, leg cramps, etc.) means we’re able to recall our dreams more easily. Whatever the reason, we say, gooooood NIGHT!


18. Feeling baby kick for the first time



This one goes hand in hand with feeling your little one hiccup. The baby’s first kick will remind you what an amazing experience this is. A lot of mums miss this feeling once their baby’s born, so savour it.

What else do you love about being pregnant? Let us know, leave a comment below.