7 Signs Your Pregnancy Just Got Real

Pregnancy is not all about glowing while eating whatever you want. These are the facts they don’t reveal in the movies…

1. Sex will be your number 1 priority!

Great news for your other half then. This is mostly during the first trimester, when all those new hormones are starting to rush through your body, but can continue throughout pregnancy. Your orgasms will likely be more intense and frequent, too, as everything feels much more sensitive. Enjoy!

2. If this is your first pregnancy, know this: you will be clumsy.

Usually around the third trimester, a hormone fittingly called relaxin kicks in to loosen your pelvic joints in preparation for labour. But it accidentally works on the hips, knees and ankles, too. Bless. It knows not what it does.

3. Get the claws out – the itch is on.

Unfortunately, itching is common during pregnancy because of the increased blood supply to the skin. As your bump grows, the skin over your tummy stretches, which feels itchy. This is totally normal (annoying but normal) and nothing to worry about. But if things get too much, do see your doctor.


4. From now on, consider yourself the prime suspect of the Silent But Deadlies.

Yes, ladies, with the golden sceptre of that positive pregnancy test comes your royal title as the Queen of Flatulence. This is a lot to do with a surge in hormones which in turn slows down your gastrointestinal tract. Plus, you won’t be able to control your muscles anymore. 


5. Think just because you’re pregnant you need to eat for two? Wrong!

Your baby only needs about 300 additional calories a day – the equivalent of an avocado and a banana. Sexy! So step away from the cake.


6. Things are about to get hairy – literally.

From the hair on your head (fab) to your nipples (now wait a minute) and even your sweet face! (We’ll give you a minute to pick your jaw up off the floor.) Once again, blame the hormones. Waxing or tweezing should take care of this.


7. Your face will take a reluctant trip down memory lane – namely, your teens.

Many expectant women face acne (pun unintended). We recommend you see your doctor before trying any new potions.


Gifs courtesy of Giphy