Secret Saviours Testimonial: Lisa’s Story

We first heard from Lisa six weeks ago. Find out how she’s doing today


Back in March, mummy blogger Lisa told her Love of a Captain readers she’d started using our Anti Stretch Mark Pack. Now she has an update on her experience.

Today, she said on her blog, “Items like this that have such good reviews usually leave me a little dubious, but genuinely, this truly is brilliant!

“The Support Band, having been washed loads, remains nice and supportive and has been working wonders with my back. There is a notable difference when I haven’t worn it for any reason, i.e. it is drying having been washed, or if I’m wearing a white top (I chose the black band as I mostly wear dark colours). 

“I find the band very comfortable to wear and it stays firmly in place when it is used with the Day Gel.” 

Click here to read Lisa’s full review on her blog and check in with her regularly to see how she’s getting on with the pack.