When Will Your Bump Start To Show?

So you’re pregnant and wondering how long till you start to show? Well, wonder no more!

How excited are you on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most excited? We’re guessing a bladder-busting 50. But it’s still early days, right? You can’t go telling every Tess, Dawn and Harriet why you’re suddenly grinning so much. You’re waiting for the ultimate sign: The Bump. But how long till you start showing?

Usually, there’ll be no noticeable change until around the 13-week mark, by which time baby would have grown from the size of a pinhead to that of a small melon.

In all honesty, it totally depends on the individual. If, for instance, you’re a size 8, you may start to show much sooner than if you’re a size 18. Or perhaps your morning sickness (ie. 24-hour sickness) is so severe that it’s hard to keep food down, gaining weight may take longer than usual, thus keeping The Bump at bay for longer.

Once your bump does start to take shape, that’s the time the skin will begin to stretch, which can lead to stretch marks. If avoiding stretch marks is something you’re interested in, Secret Saviours has just the thing for you. Using our super comfy Anti Stretch Mark Band, worn with a moisturising Day Gel and then luxuriating in a lush Night Cream before bedtime could give you a 70% chance of NOT getting any stretch marks. Intrigued? Click herefor more info.