Secret Saviours Testimonial: Ysis’ Story

Beauty blogger Ysis Lorenna has been singing our favourite song…

As you know, we’re not averse to blowing our own trumpets here at Secret Saviours. But it’s awfully nice when someone else makes noise.

That’s why we’re loving a post from beauty blogger Ysis Lorenna extolling the virtues of Secret Saviours’ Anti Stretch Mark Pack (and why wouldn’t she?).

The 29-year-old stunner was lovely enough to try the products at the end of her second trimester. “WhenSecret Saviours contacted me to introduce their range of products for stretch marks during pregnancy, I was very intrigued and keen to try them,” Ysis told thousands of followers.

“I haven’t be able to stand anything tight around my ribs or belly during pregnancy – not even maternity bras, so I was a bit concerned this would make me feel super claustrophobic and uncomfortable. Luckily, and to my surprise, that wasn’t the case. The material is stretchy and sits very nicely around my bump, covering it from top to bottom.”

Size really does matter at Secret Saviours and Ysis also knows the importance of this. “I was lucky enough to receive a Small and Medium [Anti Stretch Mark Band], which was ideal for me as my nearly 30 week-bump is starting to outgrow the Small band.

“My bump measured at about 26 inches when I started using the Secret Saviours band at 26 weeks and the Small size was very comfortable.”

The Anti Stretch Mark Band wasn’t the only Secret Saviours product being praised in the blog post. “At night, I have really enjoyed using the Night Cream,” Ysis added. “It has a thin consistency that feels nourishing on my skin without leaving any greasy residue behind.”

And overall? “I have really enjoyed using this kit because it’s comfortable, the creams feel lovely on my skin and it gives me added peace of mind that I’m doing everything to prevent stretch marks.”

You love it, Ysis, we love it!

“I recommend giving this a try if you are looking for a way to maximise your chances of getting none or as few stretch marks as possible during your pregnancy,” she advises – and completely, unbiased, we agree with her.

“Even if you’re prone to stretch marks, the Secret Saviours set might actually help reduce the amount you get, which is definitely a bonus!”

Click here to read the awesome blog post.

Secret Saviours also made it on to Ysis’ February Favourites list. Check out her fab video here.

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