Do you know what you’re going to call your baby?

Choosing your baby’s name is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a new parent.

Baby Feet

Following all the excitement surrounding the naming of the new royal baby, we’ve put together our own shortlist of popular names for 2018.

Top boys’ Names:

The top boy names are very different from those that you’d guess, especially for those new to recent baby-naming fads and trends. Here are some surprising baby names for boys.

Top Boys Names

Top girls’ Names:

“A” may be the most fashionable beginning later for names today, but it’s also very popular at the end of girls’ names. From Isla to Isabella the letter “a” has a strong, but feminine appeal.

Top Girls Names

Gender-neutral Names:

We’ve noticed a lot of gender-neutral names popping up in the news lately. Check out some of these trending in 2018.

Top Gender Natural Names

Unique Names:

Or if you’re more interested in choosing a unique baby name that’s a little creative and edgy, you’ll have more of a challenge on your hands.  A-listers have set a trend in recent years, creating their own names. Here are our favourite, unusual names to inspire you.

Top Unique Names


We’ve had great fun pulling this list together.  So go on, sit back and relax and start making your own shortlist!

Got any unique names that you have heard in the past, why not share them below in the comments.