Baby Blues VS Postnatal Depression

When it comes to these common issues, there are solutions

Did you know that 80% of new mums mention feeling especially low following the birth of a child? Most of these women experience this due to a combination of being exhausted, new hormones and understandable anxiety about caring for a brand new human being, also known as baby blues.

Usually, these feelings pass within a few days or weeks. But for a handful of women, it can take much longer for them to even manifest and then subside, which is when it could be postnatal depression (PND).

According to the NHS, symptoms of PND include a constant feeling of sadness or low mood; no longer enjoying the things that gave you pleasure; and a lack of energy and persistent fatigue. Poor appetite, comfort eating, agitation and disinterest are also common symptoms.

It’s important to know when it comes to motherhood that there is no such thing as “normal”. Every woman is different. If you’re unhappy, don’t just put on a brave face. It’s vital that you talk to your GP, health visitor or midwife. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting help and advice.

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