9 Amazing Pregnancy Books

Get your eyes on these new page-turners


There’s nothing like a good book to help put your mind at ease about pregnancy. Whether this is your first or your fifth, you’ll be thankful you heard about these new pregnancy books.


Truly Happy Baby... It Worked for Me By Holly Willoughby, From £10.99

Mum-of-three Holly has written this book to give mums all the advice she wished she’d received during her pregnancies. The TV personality is sharing shortcuts and tips for pregnancy and beyond, including advice on looking after yourself.


The Unmumsy Mum By Sarah Turner, £12.99

Get a comical sneak peak at life after pregnancy with this candid story of motherhood. The inspiration for Sarah’s book came from being disillusioned with existing parenting literature. She wanted to get across that not everyone finds parenting a breeze – and that’s ok!


A Baby At The Beach Café By Lucy Diamond, £1

Yes, you read right: £1! This short story is a follow-up to Lucy’s bestselling novel The Beach Café. This time around, main character Evie is running a café with a baby on the way. When she decides to hire a wandering city girl, sparks fly. But can they bury the hatchet in a crisis? It’ll only cost you a pound to find out!


Expecting: The Inner Life Of Pregnancy By Chitra Ramaswamy, £12.99

Slow down and take it all in with the help of this poignant memoir. Chitra takes time to explore each of the nine months of her pregnancy in detail using art, philosophy and candour.


Mother & Baby: Pregnancy Milestones, £12.99

From the popular pregnancy magazine comes this comprehensive guide. Packed with interviews from a GP, midwife, nutrition consultant and even a clinical psychologist, you could take a test on the subject without breaking a sweat.


The Bump Class: An Expert Guide To Pregnancy, Birth And Beyond ByMarina Fogle And Dr. Chiara Hunt, £18.99

Dissatisfied with one-sided advice exclusively for those with perfect pregnancies, Marina and Chiara started a pregnancy course in 2013, giving them the material for this book. They wanted to offer an honest look at pregnancy with practical advice on what to expect. After all, there’s no such thing as a ‘normal’ pregnancy!


Pregnancy Encyclopedia By Dr Chandrima Biswas, £25

For a more traditional approach to research, you can’t go wrong with a good ol’ encyclopedia. This one includes virtually everything you’ve ever wanted to know about pregnancy in one easy-to-read book. From morning sickness to breastfeeding, the doc has you covered.






Pregnancy: An Infographic Guide By Claire Plimmer, £8.99

Find out what’s really going on in there with this gorgeous picture guide. Plus, pick up some interesting facts and trivia along the way.


The Peaceful Pregnancy Colouring Book, £9.99

Once you’ve stocked up on knowledge, relax and unwind with an indulgent colouring book. Featuring more than 100 calming illustrations for creative mums-to-be, this book won’t be a guilty pleasure for too long.


What pregnancy books are you loving right now? Let us know below.